Baby Tongue and Lip Tie Release

Baby Tongue and Lip Tie Release


The cutest photo from @christine_simplybloom! This was taken just a few hours after her son's tongue and lip tie release.

As a follow up to my most recent post of a before and after tongue tie release, I want to give a rundown of the most common symptoms of both mother and baby when your baby is dealing with a tongue tie:

Mama’s symptoms

➡️ Creased/flat/blanched nipple after feedings
➡️ Cracked/blistered/bleeding nipples
➡️ Discomfort while nursing
➡️ Plugged ducts
➡️ Thrush/mastitis
➡️ Sleep deprivation (Because baby is not able to nurse efficiently they compensate by nursing more often, leading to frequent night feedings. My first son was still nursing every 2 hours at 8 months old)

Baby’s symptoms

➡️ Difficulty latching on or falls off the breast easily
➡️ Gumming or chewing the nipple while nursing
➡️ Unable to hold a paci or bottle
➡️ Gassy (babies with ties often swallow a lot of air because they cannot maintain suction properly)
➡️ Poor weight gain
➡️ Excessive drooling
➡️ Baby is not able to fully drain breast
➡️ Choking on milk or popping off to gasp for air while nursing
➡️ Falling asleep during feedings, then waking a short while later to nurse again
➡️ Sleep deprivation (due to the need for frequent feedings)
➡️ Extended nursing episodes – aka marathon nursing sessions
➡️ Clicking noises while sucking
➡️ Popping on and off breast often
➡️ Biting – Babies who have trouble grasping the nipple sometimes try to use their teeth to hold on. (Once they come in, of course)
➡️ Gap between teeth/jaw issues

Of course, this is not an inclusive list of symptoms for either mom or baby. It's so important to remember that every tongue tie journey is different and can affect us to varying degrees!

If you're experiencing a combination of the above symptoms and are concerned that your little one's tongue tie could be the culprit, please send me a DM to schedule a consultation.

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