Tongue Tie

A tongue tie is a condition that limits the movement of the tongue. The procedure to correct the problem is called a frenectomy.


A tongue tie is a condition present at birth that restricts the tongue’s range of motion because the lingual frenulum (the band of tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) is too short. Some problems associated with infant tongue tie are: difficulties with weight, sore breasts, and feeding frequently. Patients from all over Ontario have driven for consultations for their baby’s tongue ties. Now patients can save the travel time and visit with me from the comfort and safety of their home. I evaluate an infant's tongue and lips along with the mother's symptoms and the baby’s symptoms.

Is Your Baby Tongue Tied?


Tongue tie limits the movement of the tongue. The tongue plays an important role in swallowing, speech, sleep and optimal development of face. There are different severities and presentations of tongue ties, some are obvious and some go undetected for years. Patients with a tongue tie could experience some of the following: neck pain, mouth breathing, teeth clenching, TMJ pain, forward head posture, rolled shoulders and other myofascial restrictions. Releasing of the tongue tie, could help improve posture, relieve neck pain, and many other areas.

How To Know If You or Your Child Is Tongue Tied

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