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Find out ways to improve your breathing, sleeping, eating and how to create/support a beautiful healthy smile.

For example, if you want to stop bruxing — you may have a habit that is pathological relating to neurophysiology and you just can’t control it and it is leading to all kinds of problems. We will help you investigate further into why you are having issues and get to the root cause. Proactive oral care can correct ailments or behaviors that are compensating for deeper chronic problems. Traditional methods that simply address the symptoms may not be enough to achieve the results desired, or they can make them worse. When all factors are considered for your situation, you get a complete treatment plan that will result in proper breathing, improvements in posture, along with the neurological balance and muscle function that are necessary to ensure whole body wellness and even unimpaired brain function.

Based on your specific situation, we will discuss possible treatment options to optimize your health and quality of life.

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Family Dentistry Dr. Mandeep Johal

Dr. Johal works closely with patients and their health care providers. She is a mother of two and a general dentist, who resides in Guelph. Dr. Johal believes that optimal wellness is interconnected with our oral care and nutrition. She also advocates that our dental health supports the overall wellness of our body and mind.

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