Dr. Mandeep Johal, D.M.D.

Whole Life Dentistry

"Your wellness is interconnected with your oral care. When you address critical issues and form good habits, a proactive approach can make a difference that will last a life time."

—Dr. Mandeep Johal

Oral Health

Below are a list of best practices:

1. Keep Oral Cavity Clean - bleeding gums are a sign of a possible systemic inflammatory issue. The oral cavity and whole body connection has been researched and proven. There is evidence between gut and mouth, mind and mouth, heart and mouth, fertility and mouth, and sleep and mouth.

2. Breath Through Your Nose - Our nasal passage ways filter the air for us, but most importantly, it releases nitric oxide. This is extremely important because nitric oxide helps our immunity by destroying virus, bacteria, and parasitic organisms.

3. Increase Your Immunity - Nutritious foods, adequate sleep, vitamin D3 and nitric oxide are a few of the foundational elements to supporting your immune system. Weather permitting, make sure you step outside of your home for at least 15 minutes of sunshine per day—while maintaining proper social distancing.

How I Help Patients At Different Stages In Their Life

Passionate About Your Oral Care

I love to constantly learn and keep up with the cutting edge in dentistry and patient care. Each year, I complete over 200 hours of continuing education so that my team and I can offer the best expertise in the following areas:

1. Nutrition (how to introduce food to babies, what should children eat and what vitamins they need, connection of D3 with sleep, digestion and oral health)

2. Breathing (Buteyko breathing coaching, disordered breathing)

3. Facial development for all ages (use airway focused orthodontic treatment )

4. Dental and osteopath connection

5. Dental-postural connection (concussions, neck pain, TMJ pain, and back pain)

6. Cosmetic dentistry - the latest materials and techniques

7. Tongue tie- infants, children and adults

8. Lasers - certified laser surgeon

9. Sleep apnea - pregnant women, infants, children, and adults

My daughter couldn't walk straight without hideous corrective eyewear. After meeting with Dr. Johal, we were able to solve the problem through a series of dental-postural corrections. She no longer wears the corrective prescription and is living a normal active lifestyle like any other kid.


After months of struggling to breastfeed my baby, I was referred to Dr. Johal. She helped me understand what was going on and what needed to be done. After treatment, we haven't had anymore feeding issues and have been so relieved ever since. Thank you Dr. Johal! 


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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Watch the video below from the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine to learn about my approach as a dental practitioner.