Women's Health and Dental Care

Women's Health and Dental Care

Women's Health and Dental Care


Fertility and oral health have a very strong link. Excellent hygiene and regular dental visits are important. 

Treatment options: coaching home oral care, oil pulling, more frequent cleanings.


Hormonal changes increase the risk of gingivitis. 

Periodontistis increases the risk pre term babies and low weight birth.

Also morning sicking, the acid will affect the enamel of the teeth. 

Sleep issues and pregnancy are overlooked for women because lack of sleep is blamed on the pregnancy. Snoring and poor sleep affect the development of the baby. Screening for sleep issues is difficult and referral to sleep doctor may be needed. 

Treatment options: increase frequency of cleanings, and improve home care, and oil pulling, sleep appliance. 

Breastfeeding Mom

Bacteria from the mouth can travel to your babies mouth. Good hygiene and no cavities is important for the mom and ensures stronger cavity free teeth for the child.

Women over 45

Sleep and nutrition is the most important at this time.

Women can receive an under-diagnosis or misdiagnosis for sleep apnea. There are many reasons. This is why a sleep screening test is important. Sleep apnea is linked to cardiovascular disorders, depression, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and mood disturbances.

Treatment options: sleep screening, nutrition counseling,  sleep appliance, referral to sleep doctors.


Best Dentist Guelph Ontario - Dr. Mandeep Johal

Dr. Johal works closely with patients and their health care providers. She is a mother of two and a general dentist, who resides in Guelph. Dr. Johal believes that optimal wellness is interconnected with our oral care and nutrition. She also advocates that our dental health supports the overall wellness of our body and mind.

Contact Dr. Johal and her team to see how they can help you and your child.

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