Nutrition and Oral Health

Nutition and Oral Health Babies Kids

Nutrition and Oral Health

To have straighter teeth naturally requires, nasal breathing, correct posture, and the right nutrition.

Having crooked/crowded, decayed teeth means our jaws are not growing well.

Nutrition helps with stronger teeth, facial development, and larger airways.

Starting with pregnancy, what you eat affects both the teeth and structural development in the fetus.

Infant Nutrition

Breastfeeding properly helps with correct facial development and posture. Using the correct nipple on a bottle or pacifier will do the same.


Baby-led weaning is the best approach to help the children develop correct facial development. The appropriate nutrition through whole foods will set the foundation for strong teeth. Nutritious food also helps with development of the right bacteria in the mouth and gut. Having the right bacteria will affect how food is digested and protect our enamel in the mouth.

Processed Foods and Facial Development

Introducing soft, processed food, high in refined sugar has shown to have detrimental effects on children’s teeth and facial development. The work of Dr. Weston A. Price back in 1937 found after looking at teeth of hundreds of people and looking at their general health, he noted that these people did not have modern diseases and had well developed facial structures and no decay.   

Nutrition also means, having the right vitamins to help us grow. Research shows the importance of D3 and K2, for stronger teeth, and stronger immunity. D3 is linked to how well we sleep, poor sleep for a child affects his cognitive ability; ie attention deficient,

The right nutrition is critical for our little ones that are growing, but important for adults as well.

Best Guelph Dentist - Dr. Mandeep Johal

Dr. Johal works closely with patients and their nutritionist. She is a mother of two and a general dentist, who resides in Guelph. Dr. Johal believes in the importance of maintaining strong healthy teeth and gums through proper diet and oral care. She also advocates that our overall dental health supports overall wellness of our body and mind.

Contact Dr. Johal and her team to see how they can help you and your child.

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