Baby Tongue Tie Before and After

Baby Tongue Tie Before and After


The before and after of a tongue tie release!

I used a Co2 laser for the frenectomy (in the case of this young baby, meaning the removal of the tongue tie!). This laser is the best because it's pain free, uses no needles, and causes no bleeding - and just the right amount release is done due to visibility!

It takes 5-10 seconds for the release. The baby goes right to their mom afterwards for feeding and most moms feel the difference right away! Both baby and mom are so happy.

This little release helps some babies latch better, sleep better, digest better, and helps mom with less frequent feeding - plus, no more sore nipples or cleaning up throw up!

The diagnosis and timing is very important in every case. Both the baby and mom's symptoms need to be reviewed. Body work (massage, osteo/ chiropractor, and lactionation is always strongly recommended.

This baby presented with a Kotlow type 3 tongue tie, meaning that it was closer to the base of the tongue and was attached to the mid-tongue and the middle of the floor of the mouth. These ties are generally tighter and less elastic. This tongue tie was missed for many months, even though the mom knew something was not right. Her neck was hurting from frequent feeding, and baby would slip off the breast easily. She had a toddler to take care of as well, and could not feed the baby every hour for another 3 months!!

Much like me when I was breastfeeding, this poor mama was not aware that a tongue tie could be the culprit of her baby's difficult experience with breastfeeding (which was 100% not her fault!!).

Are you experiencing similar issues with breastfeeding and just don't understand why it's not working for you? Please send me a DM to schedule a consultation! 🙏🏼

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