Children with ADHD and Sleep Problems

Children with ADHD and Sleep Problems


I write letters to physicians and pediatric doctors all the time about why a child with an ADHD diagnosis needs a sleep study.

It’s true that helping kids get better sleep is not going to make their ADHD diagnoses go away - but it has DEFINITELY contributed to both improvement in behaviour and school grade improvement.

As many as 70-80% of those with ADHD diagnoses have trouble sleeping. When it comes to kids, this can be for a wide variety of reasons that go beyond the biological nature of ADHD.

Caffeine, video entertainment, and stress and anxiety can all be factors towards your child not getting enough sleep. 1/3 of children with ADHD suffer from bed wetting, which only fuels their anxiety about falling asleep.

Not only can medications meant to help cope with ADHD cause insomnia, but I have see first hand the effects that these medications have had on kids. Yes, they help with school grades, but I have seen children so withdrawn from their peers and surroundings as the result of these medications that it makes me sad.

Are you a parent of a child that’s been diagnosed with ADHD and feel they have disordered sleeping as a result? If you feel comfortable, please share your experiences and do not hesitate to reach out to me. 🙏🏻

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