Chronic Bed Wetting and Ear Infections

Chronic Bed Wetting and Ear Infections

Does your child suffer from bed wetting? I'm talking about chronic bed wetting, not to mention ear infections. If they do suffer from one or both of these issues, a trip to the dentist could help improve the situation.

Bed wetting is actually the most common urological disorder among school-aged children, with 10 to 15 million children regularly suffering from ear infections. Especially in the case of bed wetting, it's incredibly often that these issues go undiagnosed and unresolved.

But did you know that research has concluded that there is a direct connection between chronic bed-wetting and ear infections and the size and position of the jawbone?

If you're a parent of a child who suffers from either one of these conditions, please contact me to discuss options for how I can help.

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