Continuing Education with Like-Minded Peers

Dental Continuing Education Course
Meeting brilliant and #fashionable friends. 🐆 💄

I met @dr.kimberly.airsyncwellness for the first time at a #continuingeducation course. This picture was taken 7 hours in to day 1 of a 2 day course. We immediately hit off it because we share the same passion, take as many CE courses as our schedules allow, and apparently have the same taste in fashion!!

As a #dentist 🦷, it’s important to remember that you’re NEVER finished learning. I remember my husband being surprised at the amount of learning that comes even after becoming a licensed dentist. Doesn’t having your #DMD mean that you’ve learned everything?! Absolutely not!!

Taking CE courses allows me to open my eyes to new advancements in technology, new treatments, and different ways of thinking.

Making sure I’m the best I can possibly be is extremely important to me. Not only is this important for the patients that I’m treating, but for my staff. I can’t wait to tell them the new information that I’ve learned when I come back from a CE course and they can’t wait to hear about it!

Maybe one day we’ll be able to attend our CE courses in person again. For now, let’s continue to learn from home 📚

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