Dental Care Improves Your Health

Dental Care Improves Your Health

THANK YOU for reposting this, Samantha!

I seriously love @aoc. She is beyond amazing, smart, and beautiful - on top of it, she understands #dentistry. 😍

While there are a number of important points to take away from her story, I'd like to stress how not having your bite lined up correctly can interfere with your overall #health.

Usually the first reason a patient wants to fix their bite is for cosmetic purposes. And hey - there's nothing wrong with that!! But there is so much more to it.

An incorrect bite can lead to:

➡️ Teeth grinding
➡️ Poor Sleep
➡️ Headaches
➡️ Problems with biting and chewing
➡️ An abnormal facial appearance
➡️ Speech problems
➡️ Increased cavities and gum issues

And much more.

I'll be posting more of my amazing #beforeandafter success stories that show the overwhelmingly positive impact that having your bite lined up correctly can have.

Have a great day everyone! ☀️

Repost from @samanthathedentist

A couple days ago on @aoc instagram story, she shared how she wasn't able to afford dental treatment until she was elected to congress. 🦷She also dropped some knowledge on why orthodontic treatment is so important and it's NOT just about cosmetics.💄

💤Did you know that a narrow jaw can impede the airway and contribute to breathing disorders in your sleep?

I do not know the answer to fixing the problem of limited access to healthcare in this country but I know that dental care should not be a luxury that rappers have to brag about. 💰

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