Dental Health and Pregnancy Health

Dental Health and Pregnancy Health

I love this quote by Dr. Steven Lin!! 

Many pregnant women think bleeding gums are normal, or that they’re “just another symptom” of pregnancy. @drstevenlin

In reality, our hormones do not directly cause our gums to bleed, but they do magnify the underlying issues.

Working with a team that includes a dentist, naturopath (such as @elizabeth.cherevaty) and a family doctor is needed in order to treat what may be occurring elsewhere in your body.

In addition, I’ve been recommending that my pregnant patients download a sleep app (Snore Lab is great!) to help diagnosis if there is any sleep disordered breathing.

All of these issues Dr. Steven discusses not only affect the mother, but affect the unborn baby as well.

Please contact me for simple and natural ways I can help during pregnancy! 💕

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