Global Airway Health Day Breathe-A-Thon

Global Airway Health Day
The Foundation for Airway Health's Global Airway Health O2 Day Breathe-a-thon is only 9 days away!

Now more than ever, it’s vitally important to make an active effort to keep ourselves healthy. With COVID affecting the airways and lungs, those with compromised airways are some of the most likely to display symptoms. If you do have a compromised or unhealthy airway, it is possible to work together in order to improve this, and decrease your chances of displaying severe symptoms of COVID-19.

This is an extremely important event to me. The goal of the Breathe-a-thon is to help educate the public on airway/sleep issues, and to show their connection to our entire body and overall impact on our lives.

The Breathe-a-thon is going to be an amazing 12 hour event, with a Facebook Live broadcast around the world. It will feature practitioners, scientists, researchers and corporations, as well as patient success stories, entertainment, celebrities, and more!
How You Breathe Is How You Live
With October 2nd being declared "Global Airway Health Day”, it is so important to bring attention to this disorder and to promote a higher rate of proper diagnosis and treatment. In return, our patients will have a better quality of life.

You can get your free virtual ticket to this event at, where you can also make an optional donation of a minimum of just $2! This donation will help reach someone who is suffering needlessly with an unrecognized airway problem causing health, learning, performance and behaviour problems.

So, what does it mean to have a healthy airway, and how can we help you to achieve optimal breathing? Attend this incredible virtual event on October 2nd, and find out all you need to know (or of course contact me, and we can chat over a consultation ☺️)

Stay safe! 🙏🏻

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