Guelph Pediatric Dentist for Cavities

Guelph Pediatric Dentist for Cavities
One of my favourite little patients! 🥰

We filled this sweet girl’s cavities WITHOUT needles! She did so good and watched a show on mom’s phone the whole time.

It’s so important to investigate what the cause of the cavities are. This is especially true when mom is super involved in her little ones’ dental care. She brushes and flosses all of her kids teeth and they’re STILL prone to decay.

Possible contributing factors that I look for is nutrition, mouth breathing and whether or not lip and tongue ties are present. Lip and tongue ties are both contributing factors to tooth decay.

In the case of this little lady, mouth breathing and vitamin D3 deficiency were suspected and we gave mama advice on how to improve these issues.

Is your little one experiencing tooth decay and you are feeling lost as to why? Contact me so we can book a consultation!

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