How To Fix Different Size Dental Crowns

How To Fix Different Size Dental Crowns

I saw this patient 5 years ago. She presents with different size crowns on the front anterior teeth, and was not happy with having one crown that was visibly larger than the other and all the different colours.

This after photo was taken 5 years after I initially redid her front anterior teeth - and she is still very happy with her teeth.

You may be thinking, that you still don’t necessarily see a perfect, Hollywood smile. But we have to take into consideration so many other factors. The most important one being that the patient is happy!

With anterior cases, the best results are truly when people cannot pinpoint the difference. As in, "you look good, but what did you do differently?"

No one can tell it's her front teeth that are different, as the work is very natural. But the biggest difference of all? She smiles wider and with more confidence many years later.

I will be the first to tell you that confidence comes from within - it has nothing to do with the size, shape, and colour of our teeth. But there's also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to alter a little "imperfection" in our smile, if it helps you to be the best and more confident version of yourself!

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