I was Tongue Tied and Didn't Know It

Tongue Tied Adults and Children

While tongue ties 👅 are usually associated with #babiesand #children, did you know that they can affect adults as well?

Unfortunately, I was one of them 😫 I was experiencing #neckpain, #headaches, and #shoulderpain and had no idea why.

I did everything I could think of to relieve the pain, plus I got a massage and saw an osteopath religiously every 4 weeks. I was actually afraid to miss a appointment because I would get a frozen/stiff neck if I did. SO painful!!

Everyone told me it was because I was a #dentist and that it was normal. After all, I’d spend all day on my feet hunched over, which can wreck havoc on your neck, shoulders, and back. Plus, all of this started happening when I started dentistry, so I assumed they were right and this was just the way it was going to be.

Then while getting trained to #diagnosis and treat #tongueties, I found out that I HAD A TONGUE TIE. When I went to get it released I could feel the difference during my appointment. Now, I cannot believe how tight my neck used to be.

Not only am I now able to do the job I love with less pain, but I am now able to help so many more patients with similar issues. I'm not saying a massage doesn’t help or an osteopath doesn’t work - after all, I still get both. But I'm definitely not worried if I miss an appointment.

If you’re experiencing similar symptoms, it’s possible that they can be alleviated by relieving your tongue tie 👅 Please feel free to DM me for more information on this process, or visit my direct link to set up a consultation through @welldotca!


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