Meal Replacement Shake for Moms and Professionals

Meal Replacement Shake for Moms and Professionals

When you're a mom, mornings are about getting kids getting ready for school, making sure they eat their breakfast - and now, making sure they have their masks on.

This is me having my breakfast before my busy day. My shake is a combination of:

➡️ @gardenoflife All In One Nutritional Shake - Chocolate
➡️ @organikahealth Enhanced Collagen Original
➡️ @get_subi Best Green Superfood

Taking a few moments to have this shake in the car before work is truly the only time I have to myself in the morning. If I miss my lunch, this combo makes sure I'm still full and satisfied. When you're a busy, working mom, it's so important that you find those few moments to take care of yourself.

I know, there are days where it may seem impossible. But by making sure you're getting in those little acts of self care, you're taking care of both your mental health and physical health. Not only is this highly beneficial to you, but by doing so, we're able to take better care of our family, our staff, and our patients.

Cheers everyone. Here's to a great start to my day. I'm ready, bring it on!!!

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