Neck Pain Relief with Bite Correction

Neck Pain Relief with Bite Correction

Do you suffer from neck and back pain like I do? Do you feel like you've barely slept when you wake up in the morning, causing you to be sleepy during the day? You might be interested to know that your mouth could be playing a major role in how you're feeling!

Our jaw is part of the postural chain - which means that it is partially responsible for our whole body alignment. When your head, bite, and spine are all aligned, this can relieve pain and fatigue naturally.

Poor posture is often the result of a misaligned bite and jaw, which causes these symptoms of the neck and back, as well as shoulder pain and frequent headaches. You cannot achieve optimal health without a level head and balanced bite.

So, what can we do to correct this problem? Using a bite correction appliance! Because I regularly use my bite correction appliance, I am able to stand all day and not be in pain. I can miss my regular massage appointment and still be okay for awhile.

I've had two kids (both C-sections) and I don't workout regularly due to lack of time. Using a bite correction appliance has saved my back and neck - and my assistants love it too!

PLUS the appliance can be worn during the day and not effect your speech. I talk a lot, and patients are always surprised that I"m wearing the appliance! 😂

Contact me to find out more about how a bite correction appliance can help you renew your whole body health.

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