Should We Let Our Kids Go Back To School

Should Kids Go Back To School during COVID

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Like most #families, we’re trying to figure out if we should let our 5 and 7 year old go back to #school next month 🍎

And really, what are our options? #Homeschooling again? No way! This did not work out for us back in March - as #parents, teaching our children is DEFINITELY not an easy task.

This is a scary time, for both parents and children alike. But for both their sake and ours, we need to send our kids back to school. My kids need to see their friends and #teachers. They need to socialize and play. And at the end of the day - my husband and I need to work.

My husband and I have heavily stressed the importance of hand washing to our kids, especially with my youngest.

As most 5 year olds do, he loves to pick his nose. So you know I’m going to make sure he has a bottle of hand sanitizer hanging around his neck at ALL times!

Preparing our kids for the changes to come when going back to school is important. When I was setting up my #dental office to reopen with new #COVID procedures, I spent a lot of time training my staff and emailing my patients with what changes to expect when visiting the office. Being prepared eliminates the element of surprise, and I think we can all agree that we’ve had enough surprises!

The kids might not be able to play tag at recess anymore, or sit next to their best friend and share a lunch. Their work tables may now have plexiglass dividers and they may not be able to burn off excess energy in gym class anymore - but preparing them ahead of time will help ease the transition.

We need to help our kids manage these changes and most importantly, help them feel SAFE.

This #September, no matter what your family decides to do, it’s important to be there for each other and withhold judgement. We’re all doing THE BEST WE CAN 🙏🏻

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