Signs of Baby With Tongue Tie or Lip Tie

Signs of Baby With Tongue Tie or Lip Tie
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Tongue Ties & Milk Leakage 🍼
Did you know that milk spilling out the sides of baby's mouth while feeding can be a sign of a tongue tie? This is because baby's tongue and/or lips can't form a proper seal on the breast.
Even if you don't have any pain and baby is gaining good weight, this doesn't mean the absense of a tethered oral tissue (tongue, lip, or cheek tie). There are some signs you want to look for to be sure your baby doesn't have a tie that could affect the way they breathe and sleep. Other common signs include:
-mouth is routinely open
-"colic" symptoms- fussy, gassy, etc.
-sensitive gag reflex
-"clicking" noise while nursing
-gasping/ apnea while sleeping
-restless sleep/ frequent wakings
-heavy sweating while sleeping
-poor or shallow latch
-gulping, coughing, gagging while feeding
-swallowing air while feeding
-very frequent, short or irregular feeds
-reflux symptoms
These are just a few common signs to look out for- see my "tongue tie" highlight for more information and resources on how to get your baby an assessment!

Has your baby had a tongue or lip tie release? What was your experience?

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