Wellness Is Connected To Oral Care

Wellness Is Connected To Oral Care
It’s so important to remember that your oral 👄 health offers clues about your overall health - and that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Understanding this connection can make a BIG difference in your long term health.

We all know that there's no completely avoiding the bacteria that lives in our mouths 😷. Most of it's harmless, leaving little cause for concern. But if allowed to get out of control, that formerly small percent of harmful bacteria can cause damage to your digestive and respiratory tracts, with disease being the end result.

Both your body's natural defenses and practicing good oral care (daily brushing, flossing, etc), largely keep bacteria under control. But without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can quickly multiply, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

There can be other underlying reasons for the growth of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, which require more than simply improving your daily oral care. For these patients, I recommend working with a naturopath and/or a nutritionist.

There are other medical conditions that have been directly linked to poor oral health, which include pregnancy and birth complications, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and endocarditis. This is why I work really hard to collaborate with other professionals to get the best care for the patient. Collaborative medicine is the future!!! 👥

It's never been more important to make sure that our natural defence systems are STRONG! 💪🏼 And seeing as your mouth is the entry point to some of your body's most vital systems, keeping up with your oral health should be an absolute priority.

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